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Mortgages: not just for houses

If you fall into the group of people who are interested in building their home, rather than buying, that may be a question that has crossed your mind. Typically, mortgages are associated with houses. Even though you are technically starting your process by purchasing a plot of land, mortgages are still for you!   The [...]

Mortgages: not just for houses2020-09-28T15:14:20+00:00

Time to Talk: mortgages & divorce

You’ve made the decision to separate, but you don’t want to separate yourself from living in a house. Or you are trying to figure out what to do with the house you bought together (and the subsequent mortgage) now that you are getting divorced. We’re here to answer a few of those questions you may [...]

Time to Talk: mortgages & divorce2020-09-28T15:14:21+00:00

So, what happens when I can’t make my mortgage payments?

We are here to have the difficult conversation with you- the one about what happens when you can no longer make your mortgage payments. First and foremost, ignoring the problem is only going to cause further financial hardship as time goes on. While pretending the problem does not exist may seem like the preferable option, [...]

So, what happens when I can’t make my mortgage payments?2020-09-28T15:14:21+00:00

Debt Management: Time to take control of your finances

For many, debt is a big, scary word with countless implications. So taking on a home mortgage can be just as daunting. But we are here to tell you... it’s manageable! Whether you are 100% debt free, have a credit card balance, or even a few student loans, getting and managing a home mortgage is [...]

Debt Management: Time to take control of your finances2020-09-28T15:14:21+00:00

Home Improvements (that pay off)

Remodeling. There are entire tv shows and magazines, just on this topic. It has different meanings for different people. Many of those tv shows highlight some projects on the extreme-side, people spending thousands of dollars on a beautiful bathroom. While stunning (and something you may be dreaming about), it may not always be the most [...]

Home Improvements (that pay off)2020-09-28T15:14:21+00:00
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