The Coveted Credit Score

If you fall into the category of “adult living in the United States”, then establishing a good credit score will make many things in your life significantly easier. Whether in the long-term or the short-term, if owning your own home is on your “checklist,” establishing, maintaining or improving your credit score should definitely be on [...]

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First Step: getting pre-approved for a loan

If you are actively searching for a home, there is one thing that absolutely must be on the top of your “to do” list. Pre-approval. It is a (conditional) written commitment from your mortgage lender that states the loan amount you are approved for. Pre-approval should not be confused with a pre-qualification on a loan, [...]

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FHA Lowers Insurance Premium: what that means for your loan

We shared the news a bit earlier this week—The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is set to cut their insurance premium. The FHA is an organization that does not actually provide loans, but provides insurance that protects lenders. This is to ensure lenders (ie- a mortgage company) has some measure of protection if a borrower runs [...]

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Refinancing: is it right for you?

Refinancing. That’s a term you regularly hear thrown around in the mortgage industry. It is, in fact, exactly what it sounds like- replacing your current mortgage with a new one. While there are a variety of reasons that lead people to refinance, these are some of the most common: The first is to lower your [...]

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So, You’re A 1st Time Home Buyer

Top Tips for First Time Home Buyers You’re on the hunt for your first home. It is an exciting milestone in your life. Not to mention one of the largest financial decisions you may ever make. Don’t fall into the “rookie” home-buyer category. Our advice? The more you know about the process, the easier (and [...]

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Higher Interest Rates & Home Buying

...what you need to know with increased rates right around the corner Maybe you’ve been keeping up on economic news. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, one of the most discussed financial news stories this fall is about the Federal Reserve Bank (or the Fed) raising their interest rates.   Let’s start with the basics The [...]

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Choosing the right loan could pay for your next vacation…

When you get the right loan at the best rate...the savings alone could pay for your next vacation. What if you could save money on upfront fees? Add those factors together and the savings are substantial. You should talk to Total Home Lending Specialist about saving you fees...then take a nice vacation.

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