Landscaping does not need to cost thousands of dollars. Just keep that in mind while you are brainstorming ways to improve your home value.

Here are our top 5 ways to keep your lawn looking fresh and sharp, without spending  a fortune.


Flower boxes have not gone out of style

We are serious! They definitely have not. A few well-placed flower boxes hanging outside of your windows can add a beautiful pop of color. They definitely do not cost a fortune. You can purchase the planters from your local home goods store and the flowers from any nursery. While it may be surprising, the addition of something as simple as flower boxes can make your “curb appeal” that much higher.



Enough said, right? Whether it is a flower bed or a tree, edging can take your lawn to the next level. Something as simple as a clean, mulch edge all the way to a beautiful cobblestone edge around the border of your garden can make your lawn that much more appealing. Edging adds a polished “finish” to your lawn and makes it seem that much more clean to the outside eye. So even if you are trying to find a way to spruce up your front yard or make it a bit more appealing to potential buyers, edging is the key to success.

The tree bench

Trees in the front and back yard can be excellent additions to your home. But putting them to use can take your house from average to above par. Enter, the tree bench. Take a bench perfectly positioned under a tree, and turn it into a bench perfectionally positioned around a tree. Wa la- tree bench. You can enjoy the shade of the beautiful tree in your yard while also creating a unique backyard experience. Need some ideas or creative inspiration? There are so many ideas on Pinterest that you can find something that suits your preferences and needs exactly.


Fairy gardens are real

Well, they are real only if you believe they are! Creating a small fairy garden in your backyard is not only an adorable addition to your home, but an engagement factor for kids. Truthfully, a fairy garden only needs a small fairy door situated somewhere in the midst of a garden. The addition of a few “fairy” benches, a door, and a few other little props will bring your garden to life. Especially among kids (and families), these fairy gardens are a lovely addition to any home.

The overflowing flower pot

Sure, flower pots that are standing up straight can be beautiful. But there is something to be said about a flower pot, laying on its side, with flower spilling out of it. It gives your yard a finished, yet undefined look. The image that life is bursting from every inch of your yard, even though each flower pot has been purposely placed.

While these are a few of our top suggestions, there are so many creative ideas you can use to “up” your curb appeal on your own. With DIY projects on the rise, there are so many different ideas out there for your to spruce up your lawn. Regardless of whether you plan on living in your home for years to come or are thinking of selling, these DIY projects will save you money and make your home that much more appealing to the outside buyer.

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Natasha Mason