There are more than a handful of different ways to get your home “ready” for the fall. And that can include checking on your house’s gutters, yard clean-up, and more.

But there are a few things that definitely will not be on that list. Like ensuring your home is cozy, warm, and 100% ready for fall (in a more decorative sense). Now that the end of summer is just a few weeks away, it is time to start thinking about making the season change yourself. And we definitely don’t mean just pulling out all of the winter coats in preparation of snow.


The steps

First and foremost, the best way to convert your home from fall to summer is to pull out all of the comfortable and cozy items in your home. The best place to start is with your bedding. Yes, pull out the big comforters, the warm sheets, and the heated blankets. But that’s not all- this is the time to pull out the thicker blankets for your couch and spare rooms. Not only are they functional, by placing the thicker blankets around your home you are welcoming the change of the season and “warming” your home up for anyone who may stop by.

Now is time to pull our your fall and winter tools. There is not much need for pruning shears, gardening gloves, and the variety of other tools you have easily accessible throughout the spring and summer. And, yes, this is the opportunity to pull your shovels, rakes, ice scrapers, snow blowers… You know what we are talking about. Because there is nothing worse than digging through a pile of things in your garage in the midst of a snowstorm.

Finally, now is the opportunity to highlight the parts of your home that aren’t as essential during the summer. Let’s think: fireplace and chimney. Clean them up, hang a new photograph or art-installation above the mantle. Maybe even consider sprucing up or replacing your mantle. From a more logistical standpoint, get the chimney cleaned and start stocking up on firewood. It will help make your fall and winter nights by the fire much more enjoyable (because there is nothing like a minor chimney fire or running out of firewood to ruin a perfect evening).

100% fall ready

While you may have the perfect decorations and your home may look fall ready, it is still important to keep a few other fall upkeep tips in mind. Make sure your gutters are functioning. Check your furnace and boiler, even turn on your heat to ensure everything is working properly.

If you have a place for them, time to bring out your rubber shoe mats and fall-themed floor mats. Pull out your dishrags decorated with colored leaves. Getting ready for the change in season takes more than the typical things you absolutely need to do before colder weather hits.

For more tips, check out your friends homes, peruse Pinterest. And find the best way to get your home ready for fall!



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Natasha Mason